India may have developed its own THAAD-type missile defense system, hints PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today hinted that India may have successfully developed a ?THAAD-type anti-missile defense system.

Speaking at an election rally at Budaun in Uttar Pradesh today, PM Modi congratulated Indian scientists for developing one of the best missile defense system at a time when a number of countries, including Pakistan, are busy developing missiles.

PM Modi said that the new system has been successfully developed by Indian scientists and it can destroy any incoming missile at the height of 150 kilometre. ?I want to congratulate Indian scientists,? he said,

Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) system is one of the recent addition to the US? anti-ballistic missile arsenal. It has been designed to hit missiles as they dive towards the earth, not when they go up. THAAD can engage with incoming missiles at the maximum altitude of 93 miles above the surface of the Earth. It seems Indian scientists have also developed a similar anti-missile system.

PM Modi didn?t give much details of the new system. However, he took a dig at the opposition parties by saying that the latter would now ask for ?proof? about the new system. Earlier, the opposition had asked for proof of the Surgical Strikes carried out by the Indian Army on terror launch pads in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir on September 29.