JMC vehicle kills horse; driver untraced

Priyanka Gupta

Jammu Municipal Corporation (JMC) vehicle hit a horse on the circular road killing him on the spot. The Horse died and there is not even talk about the dead horse.

The incident is two day old when a JMC vehicle bearing registration no JK02BQ 1214 hit a horse at circular road and after continuous struggling for half an hour between life and death, he died on the spot and the owner faced minor injuries. Sub-Inspector of Pucca Danga Police Station, Ajay Kumar said that investigation is still going on. He said that FIR complaint no 168 has been lodged by the owner and the driver of the vehicle namely Rajan from Shaheedi Chowk has run away.

He further added that very soon JMC Vehicle No. JK02BQ 1214 will be seized. As far as the autopsy reports of the horse are concerned, it is still awaited. One of the witnesses, Jasleen Kour who was also present on the spot told Newspoint that even after calling many times, Municipality didn?t send the cattle catcher for help.

Even no passerby came forward for the help and finally after two hours, police from Pucca Danga Police Station came on the spot for the investigation, she added. When Newspoint talked to Municipality regarding cattle catcher, one of the person said that they have only one cattle catcher at present and it becomes very difficult to manage it.

Raj Kumar Sharma and Saurav were two of eye witness, who were present on the spot and witnessed the whole incident itself. When Newspoint contacted them they told us that it was the JMC vehicle no. JK02BQ 1214, that hit the horse. While talking to Honorary Animal Welfare Officer for Animals Welfare Board of India, Rumpy Madaan, she said in case someone witnesses an accident where a animal is hurt or someone is ill treating or abusing the animal whether domestic or stray, it?s our duty to call the PCR and inform, call the district SPCA for rescue or call the corporation or local bodies to provide help in lifting the injured to the nearest hospital or vet.