No Govt Jobs For Those With More Than 2 Kids: Assam Draft Policy


Assam government’s new draft population policy denies government jobs to people with more than two children and to those tying the knot before attaining the legal age of marriage which, after discussions, will be raised to 18 for girls and 21 for boys.

The policy was announced by Assam’s Health Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma at a press conference on Sunday.

Any person getting a job after meeting this condition will have to maintain it till end of his service, he added.

“For employment generation schemes like giving tractors, offering homes and others government benefits, this two-children norm will be applicable. Besides, all elections such as panchayats, municipal bodies and autonomous councils held under the state election commission will also have this norm for candidates,” Sarma said.

Sarma, who is also the education minister, said the policy also aims to give free education to all girls up to university level along with other incentives to reduce the dropout rate.

The policy will also seek stringent laws to prevent violence and sexual abuse of women, he added.

“Besides, a proposal for providing incentives is also included for poor persons, who take care of their elderly parents. The policy will also care for the adolescents. We will work for public awareness and reach out through religious leaders, NGOs, parliamentarians and media in this regard,” Sarma said.

The policy proposes to set up a State Population Council and a State Population Research Centre, he added.

The minister also said he will consider including a provision for giving 50 percent reservation to women in government jobs and elections.

“Until July, we will seek public suggestions. Then it will go to the Assembly for debate and adopting a resolution.

“We have to go step by step and we are in no hurry. This is the long-term thing that the BJP had promised in the Vision Document,” Sarma said.