PM Narendra Modi Addresses Nation On India’s 71st Independence Day || Highlights

On his fourth Independence Day speech for the ramparts of the historic Red Fort in Delhi, Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a special reference to Kashmir and said there was ‘no question of going soft on terrorism’. Dressed for the occasion in a resplendent red-saffron safa (turban) PM Modi also spoke of development, democracy, demonetisation and development.

Here are some of the top quotes from the Prime Minister?s I-day speech:

  1. In the last few days, we have had some natural calamities in some areas of the country. People of India stand with those affected due to natural disasters and tragedy in Gorakhpur.
  2. We have to take the country forward with determination and resolve to create a ?New India?. In India, no one is big or small, everyone is equal. Together we can bring about positive change.
  3. We have to change this ?Chalta?Hai? (anything goes or casual) attitude and think of ?Badal?Sakta?Hai? (things can change). This attitude will help India.
  4. GST has shown the spirit of cooperative federalism. The country came together to support the move and technology has helped.
  5. Violence in the name of ?Astha? (faith) ?is not acceptable in India. India is about?Ekta?(Unity),?Shanti?(Peace) and?Sadhbhavana?(Harmony).
  6. I admire the courage of woman who are fighting against ?triple talaq?. We are with them in their struggles. I thank the media for raising such issues.
  7. Neither ?Gali? (abuse) nor ?Goli? (violence) will help resolve the problems of Jammu and Kashmir.
  8. There is no question of being soft on terror or terrorists.
  9. Together we will create an India which will have enough housing for the poor, will be free from casteism and communalism ? a ?Divya?Bharat, ?Bhavya Bharat? (Divine and Splendid India)
  10. I urge all Indians to pledge to create a ?New India? and move ahead on the path of development and achieve developmental goals by 2022.