Renovation scam surfaces in tourism deptt, will SVC take action?


Karan Choudhary

A major scam has surfaced in tourism department as Rs 2.65 crore has been allegedly spent on renovation, repair of Historical wall surrounding Hari Parbat fort.

According to the sources, money has been shared by concerned tourism officials and blue eyed contractors and instead renovation, height of monument has been reduced from 10 to 2 meters.  Document details reveal that under several allotment orders  issued since 2010 which include allotment numbers MW/3156-59/TD dated 12/11/2011,MW/2737-40/TD dated 11/10/2011/,MW/2729-32/Td dated 11/10/2011,MW/2733-36/TD dated 11/10/2011,MW/2721-24/TD dated 11/10/2011,MW 2713-16/TD dated 11/10/2011,MW2717-20/TD dated11/10/2011,MW2725-28/TD dated11/10/2011,MW4902-05/TD dated 02/02/2010,MW/4906-09dated 02/02/2012,MW4898-4901/TDdated02/02/2012,MW5132-35/Td,MW5124-27/TD,MW5128-31/TD,MW 400-403/Td,MW396-99/Td,MW404-407 and under similar orders, eight more work allotments of Rs. 2.65 crore  were spend for the renovation and repairing of the wall.

However as per document details, instead of renovation and repairing which include construction of joggers path, plinth protection, earth filling, turfing, clearing and uprooting useless green vegetation, trees, brushing of wall where necessary to bring back the shine of age old bricks, using the prescribed material which include Lime stones masonry around Hariparbat fort and use of Surkhi in consultation with experts of archaeology.

According to sources, not only substandard material was used and guidelines of consulting experts were ignored but also at many places height of Historical wall has been reduced from its original height of 10 meters to 2 meters, resulted in more chances of collapse of the wall in near future.

Sources said that some noted blue contractors were always deliberately preferred at the time of allotment of works and in nexus with contractors concerned corrupt officials of the department of tourism many a times issued allotments for the sake of just issuing; besides many a times no work was done but bills were drawn in favour of contractors as per an agreed hidden share bases agreement between contractors and concerned officials. Meanwhile despite repeated attempts no contact could be made with Minister for Tourism.