Students asked to choose between cremation and burial in Biology paper


After he HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar was questioned on twitter regarding the controversial question asked in class 12 biology board exam, the CBSE has issued a notice to an official after various parents expressed their concern over the same. The section D of the paper had a question regarding air pollution which asked students to justify with arguments if one should “bury” or “burn” to control air pollution. The CBSE Class 12 Biology exam was conducted on April 5 across the country. Students reported that the paper was tricky and quite lengthy.

HRD Minister questioned on Twitter

Alok Bhatt who tagged the question paper to the HRD minister Prakash Javadekar on Twitter posted, ”How is this question relevant to biology? Does CBSE wants to promote burial and not burning? They even asked impressionable minds to give reasons in support”.

Subject expert debarred

The subject expert who framed the question for ambiguity in the interpretation of the question has been debarred by the board. CBSE said, The subject expert who framed the question was debarred for ambiguity in the interpretation of the question. A show cause notice was also issued to the (board) official concerned.”

The controversial question

The question no 23 in respect of Biology paper of Delhi scheme is a value-based question which intends to highlight proper disposal of waste by using landfills, compost pits etc. Therefore, the question is framed to inculcate environment-friendly behaviour and increase the sensitivity towards safe disposal of waste, CBSE said.

Teachers’ reaction

However, biology teachers said that air pollution is a part of the syllabus and that most questions in the paper were asked from the NCERT textbook. Students also found the paper very lengthy. Although the questions were asked straight out of NCERT, most of the students could not complete the paper on time and some even skipped a few questions.

A value-based question of four marks was quite tricky and left students confused but overall, the paper was easy.