Micronutrients Deficiency: Nearly 40% of Preschool Kids in Developing Countries Are Anaemic


Micronutrient deficiency is one of the major threats to human health. Close to 70% of the Indian population fails to met even 50% of their daily required nutrition. Lack or inadequacy of micronutrients gives rise to a host of health ailments. Micronutrient deficiency is quite prevalent in Indian children and infants. It is estimated that close to six thousand children under the age of five die every day in the country and more than half of these deaths account to micronutrient deficiency.

Micronutrients are not only vital for our health and development but extremely crucial for the growth and development of children and infants. Vitamin A, iron, iodine, folic acid, zinc among many other micronutrients play vital roles in the overall functioning of the body.

This ‘hidden hunger’ that is so widely spread throughout the nation can only be checked and curbed by informing the population about the downside of micronutrient deficiency and making nutritious, wholesome food available to the underprivileged.