Technology may not take over children?s lives: Study

The fact that humans cannot survive without technology is true. Technology has severely affected the lifestyle of humans. Humans of all generations have been affected by technology. Well now, a new study conducted by Oxford scientists has revealed an interesting thing.? The new study claims that even if children spend more time using on-screen devices, it will not affect their lives. Earlier it was thought that the technology would take over the life of the children in future, but now this seems to be not true.

As per the new study, between the years 2000 and 2015, the average time spent by children playing video games on smartphones or computers has increased by 30 minutes each day. It also showed that children can easily multi-task and can adapt their behavior to include their devices, like the adults and can do other things that they would do anyway.

A Senior Research Associate, at the Oxford University, Killian Mullan said, ?While this is undeniably a considerable amount of time, taken with context it suggests less cause for alarm. In fact, the study reveals that rather than allowing their devices to take over their lives, children are combining the use of new technology with other activities.?

Mullan further said ?Our findings show that technology is being used with and in some cases perhaps to support other activities, like homework for instance, and not pushing them out. Children are incorporating technology into daily life. They are taking the tech with them, and they are doing all the things that they would do anyway,?

The use of technology varies from gender to gender. As per the study report, boys spend more time on electronic devices like smartphones and computers to play video games.

The team used high-quality time diary data and combined data from two surveys that were conducted in 2000-01 and 2014-15. The data helped them evaluate the changes in screen-based activities and to know the time children spend on technology like smartphones, computers and other electronic devices. Additionally, the study was also published in the journal Child Indicators Research.

At the end of the study, the researchers concluded that technology is not affecting children?s life and neither is it consuming the time and attention of children.