Top five health benefits of playing badminton!


Badminton has become a popular game for people all ages and it is fun and easy to play also. But do you know that playing badminton gives us immense health benefits, not only physically but mentally too.

And with the recent news of our country’s badminton player PV Sindhu winning a silver medal at the Rio Olympics, it might gain more popularity in the upcoming days.

Tone muscles

Palying badminton helps in toning your muscles and also strengthened and tonned your abs along with your calves, hamstrings, buttocks and quadriceps.

Burn calories

One can easily burn up to 500 calories just by playing an hour of this game.

Boost lung function

Playing badminton helps in increasing the heart rate which further boosts your lung function. The jumping, running and stretching in the sport also improves the function of respiratory muscles.

Help you sleep

Playing the game regularly helps you sleep better and also have an impact on your work and life.

Strengthen bones

Playing badminton helps increase the bone density of your legs and hips and prevent debilitating diseases like arthritis and osteoporosis.