After 2 Years And 48 Deaths Govt. Approves 40 Bunkers Out Of 2000 For Poonch

In a strange move by the J&K state government that despite repeated promises and even announcement in the state assembly to construct 2000 bunkers along Line of Contro (LoC) and International Border (IB) in the year 2015, only 40 bunkers have been approved in the first face after lapse of more than two years time.

Shockingly these 40 bunkers with the sitting capacity of maximum 600 persons are being constructed in the Balakote, Mandr, Mankote, Poonch and Mandi sectors having population of more than 6000 persons, thus completely insufficient and moreover construction of just 15 bunkers has been started so far while rest 25 bunkers still awaits their constriction to began.

Deputy Commissioner Poonch when contacted over the issue said that these 40 bunkers in the first phase are on experimental basis and if the scheme will remain successful then more bunkers will be constructed in the region.

Pertinent to mention here, that these bunkers were sanctioned for the safety of border dwellers by the former chief minister late Mufti Mohammad Sayeed who even then announced this in the state assembly in the year 2015 after the 48 deaths of civilians and security personals (28 civilian and 20 security personals) due to Pakistani shelling between the year 2012 to 2015.

As per the official data available due to cross border firing 1 civilian was killed and 5 were injured In the year 2014, in the year 2015, 08 civilians were killed and 03 were injured while 07 security personal were killed and 12 were injured, in 2016, 02 civilian were killed and 21 were injured while 03 security personal were killed and 14 were injured and in the current year i.e. 2017 up to?September 13?civilians have been killed and 27 got injured while 08 security personals have also been killed and 31 of them got injured.

A local resident of the area said that government only does hollow promises for votes as it was repeatedly promised by the government that Rs 5 lakhs and a government job will be given as compensation to the family of person killed in cross border firing but only Rs 1 lakh was given to them and despite repeated appeals to the higher ups no response has been given by them so far.

MLA Poonch Shah Mohammad Tantery said that government has initiated the process of constructing these bunkers is a good sign and soon they (bunkers) will be constructed in other areas also as people?s safety is the first priority of the ruling regime.

MLA Mendhar Javid Ahmed Rana while lashing over the government said that construction of just 40 bunkers in the area having more than 6000 population is a joke with the innocent people who are being killed from Pakistani bullets and shells from years.