Sports dept hit as school games fund collection slashed to 25%


The new order of the School Education Department to collect only 25 per cent games fund from private schools has added to the miseries of the Department of Youth Services and Sports (DYSS), which has been facing paucity of funds.Educational institutions, both government and private, of every district have to deposit 50 per cent of the school games fund in the district pool of their respective DYSS offices for the purchase of sports material and uniform for students competing in the district and inter-district level competitions.Sources claimed that almost all district sports offices in the state were struggling to collect 50 per cent games fund from private schools, which were reluctant to pay the dues despite various reminders by the department.They said the games funds collected from government schools was automatically deposited in the district pool, but not in case of private schools. Of more than 5,000 private schools in the state, only 1,500 to 2,000 deposited games fund, which eventually resulted in financial crunch in the department to hold activities at different levels.Sukhdev Raj, district sports officer, Ramban, said, “Even with 50 per cent games fund collection, it was difficult to hold sports activities. Now, with this new order of just 25 per cent games fund, it is almost impossible to conduct competitions.”Chanchal Kour, district youth services and sports officer, Jammu, told The Tribune, “Over 140 competitions at the zonal, district and state level are conducted every year, but funds are limited. From 50 per cent games fund, the department collects Rs 15-16 lakh, but the actual requirement is much higher. Now, with the new order to collect only 25 per cent games fund, things will get worse.”