Punjab gangster bragging of murder on Facebook gets hundreds of views, ‘likes’


A Punjab gangster’s videos on Facebook singing popular songs about his ‘valour’ after killing his ‘rival’ and justifying his action while driving a car has garnered hundreds of likes on the social media platform.

Dalvinder Singh alias Babli Randhawa posted the four Live videos after murdering Hardev Singh, a 25-year-old financier, in Longowal city of Sangrur district on Thursday.

Eyewitnesses said the incident took place at about 10am as shops were opening for business and Hardev was crossing through the market.

They said a group of five gangsters led by Randhawa, who is out on bail, accosted Hardev and pumped five bullets into his head. After ensuring he was dead, they celebrated near his body and challenged the police to nab them.

According to sources, Hardev had lent Rs 5 lakh to Randhawa and there was a dispute between the two over the money.

In his first video, he is seen singing along with the chorus of a song “Poore hosh vich maare fire Jat ne (Jat fired at his rival in his senses)”. Randhawa is seen singing the entire song that has been written by Sulakhan Cheema and sung by Kamal Grewal.

“Main ni kenda mere kolon bhul hoi aa, ho layi e ladai appan mull hoi aa (I don’t call my act a mistake. I have earned this rivalry),” the gangster mouthed the lyrics.

It got 2,700 views, 211 likes, one share and four comments by 11pm on Thursday. “Attt or bravo,” Vicky Khan from Sangrur commented on his post.

In his second video, Randhawa goes on to explain why he killed Hardev. He calls Hardev his “pyara veer” (dear brother) who betrayed him and did not let him marry his girlfriend. He says he could not tolerate betrayal in friendship and adds that Hardev called him and insulted him and his friends. Hardev also tried to hit them with sticks and swords, he says.

“Film da trailer start kita e viraan ne merean ne… film da ‘the end’ aje bahut agge haiga (This is just a trailer by my brothers. ‘The End’ of this movie is too far),” he is heard saying.

He says it is to be seen now whether God helps him or not. “Otherwise, you people will come to my funeral.”