‘Women who wear jeans should be drowned’, says Kerala priest; gets arrested


A video grab showing a Keralite catholic priest allegedly using derogatory language against women wearing jeans and shirts while offering prayers at churches has gone viral on social media.

In a programme aired by ‘Shalom’, a Christian devotional channel, which was later uploaded on the internet, the priest said the Holy Bible and Catholic Church does not permit girls to wear jeans and T-shirts, which is the attire of boys.

Though the video carries the logo of Shalom TV, its authenticity could not be verified independently.

At the programme, apparently a convention, the priest can be heard saying that girls, who wear jeans and skimpy dresses against the principles of Holy Bible, should be drowned.

However, the priest’s office, when contacted, said they have not seen the video and it might have been uploaded on the social media by somebody with “vested interest”.

“It is said to be the video of an one-year-old programme. We do not know who uploaded it. We feel that an edited version of his speech was uploaded by somebody with some vested interests,” the office said.

In the video, the priest said, “I do not feel like  leading the mass in some churches where girls are seen dressed in jeans, pants, T-shirts and a mobile in hand.

“My question is… who gave you the right to wear such attires of boys? Does Catholic church give you the right? Or does the Holy Bible give you the right to do so?” the priest is heard asking the audience.