Jaitely playing politics on current unrest: Congress


Reacting to the utterances of Arun Jaitley at a rally in Jammu yesterday, Congress today blamed Union Finance Minister for playing politics on the current unrest in order to regain the losses BJP has suffered in Jammu due to its “unfriendly and wrong approach.”

In a statement, JKPCC spokesperson said they were not expecting such a statement from Jaitley at a time when the valley is on boil for last 44 days.

“It would have been advisable if Jaitley have talked of some proactive steps which the BJP Govt should take to put an end to current unrest, but this is unfortunate, he said something which can add more fuel to the fire,” he said.

“The current unrest is actually an outburst against the politics of exploitation and the betrayal by PDP-BJP coalition with the people, both PDP and BJP back stabbed the people after securing votes from them, leading to their alienation.”

He added that Jaitley should also have talked about the agenda of alliance between his party and PDP in which they have promised a lot to people, but could not fulfill even a single promise so far.