PDP-BJP govt paralyzed by corruption, nepotism: NC

Alleging that PDP-BJP government paralysed by corruption and nepotism, main opposition National Conference(NC) said the coalition has totally failed on all fronts.

Addressing provincial level meeting here on Saturday NC general secretary Ali Mohammad Sagar alleged that the Government has completely paralyzed by rampant corruption and brazen nepotism marked by countless money-for-transfer scams and thousands of backdoor appointments.

?It seems like the State has a Government that exists only on paper. Basic responsibilities of the Administration have become luxuries as the Government remains clueless and utterly insensitive to the hardships being faced by the people. The unprecedented, Government-made Power Crisis is worsening by the day as people in some areas have to spend days if not weeks without electricity, former minister said.

He said there has been no clarity on power-schedules and the power distribution infrastructure is in shambles. It?s taking the State Government weeks to repair damaged electrical transformers and the new High Voltage Distribution System infrastructure has been hit by extremely poor implementation.

He further alleged that there is an acute shortage of ration and essential commodities which have become unaffordable due to a record-high level of inflation which is almost double that of the average national inflation figure.

The common man has been cornered in a ruthless and sadistic manner by a Government that remains deaf and blind?, the NC General Secretary said.

Mr Sagar asked the party leaders and office bearers, including the district presidents to increase the party?s outreach to those youth who feel disillusioned and isolated and also discussed various public interests issues that the party will highlight in the upcoming Assembly Session.