Dogra Front stages protest, burns Chinese goods

Activists of Dogra Front and Shiv Sena under the leadership of their president, Ashok Gupta staged a protest demonstration and burned Pakistani and Chinese goods.

Speaking on the occasion Gupta appealed the public to boycott goods from these countries.

He also said that India has to fight the war on two fronts—Financial and Battle with rival nations.

“China only understands the language of aggression and India should first try to defeat it economically,” Gupta said adding that the people should boycott Chinese products for making India a super power.

It is pertinent to mention here that China has vetoed India’s move in United Nations move to declare Masood Azhar as global terrorist.

Addressing the protesters Shiv Sena leader said that Pakistan is continuously shelling residential areas at the Line of Control.

He further said that India should bombard army installations in Pakistan to send a strong message.

Gupta also said that even after a hike of tax by 200 per cent on imports from Pakistan, the trade is as usual. “A truck of dry dates cost Rs 10,50,000 goes to Pakistan and in return they send a truck of bananas for Rs 2,50,000 which causes trade deficit of Rs 8,50,000 which is negative to India,” he maintained.