Former PM Manmohan Singh’s SPG cover withdrawn, to get Z-plus security

Former prime minister Manmohan Singh’s Special Protection Group (SPG) security has been removed by Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA). The senior Congress leader will now get Z plus security cover.

The MHA said that the review of security cover is a periodical and professional exercise and it is done on the basis of threat perception that is based on assessment undertaken by security agencies.

“The current security cover review is a periodical and professional exercise based on threat perception that is purely based on professional assessment by security agencies. Dr Manmohan Singh continues to have a Z+ security cover,” said the MHA.

It is to be noted that SPG cover is provided to top politicans of the country, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi, interim Congress president Sonia Gandhi and her children Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi. The MHA gives SPG cover to former prime ministers and their families based on threat perception.

Sources told that Manmohan Singh’s SPG team has been told that security handover to other agency will take place but the handover is yet to happen. The staff of former prime minister confirmed that they have been informed about the MHA’s decision and Singh’s z+ security will continue in the future.