SBI Opens New Branch at 10,310 ft Above Sea Level in Ladakh

With just a month left for Ladakh to become a Union Territory, the locals residing there are going to receive a new banking service from the State Bank of India as the bank has opened its new branch in Diksit area of Nubra Valley in Ladakh. The area is located at around 10,310 ft above the sea level.

Branch chairman Rajnish Kumar inaugurated the branch on Saturday.

“The SBI is making its presence felt in areas where others have not yet put their foot in. With an indomitable spirit, the SBI is trying to reach out to the most difficult terrains of the country to provide banking services to people there,” the bank said in a statement.

The move from the bank comes at a time when it has slowed down its network expansion. Before merging with other associate banks, SBI had opened around 750-800 branches annually. However, the number has much gone down after the merger.

As per Guinness World Record, the world’s highest bank branch is located at 14,393 ft above the sea level in Peru.

While SBI’s ATMs in Leh are located at 11,562 ft above the sea level, the highest ATM in the world is located at 13,200 ft above the sea level in Thegu, Sikkim.